Celebrate, Day 15

One thing I am beyond excited to celebrate this year is Halloween.  I haven’t had trick or treaters stop by my house since I lived with my parents years and years and years ago.  I am going to buy bags and bags and bags of candy and live it up with these ladies, as we watch our favorite children come by.

halloween prep.


Celebrate, Day 14

Over the weekend, we hosted our first shindig at the new house.  It was amazing in that I’ve discovered the secret to no-stress entertaining.

Empty your house of every single item and ask people to bring stuff.

the secret to entertaining.

We said we’d supply pizza and bottled water if our friends brought everything else.  Tables, chairs, plates, glasses, flatware, napkins, beverages, salad, and dessert.

When I entertain under normal circumstances, I balk at the idea of people bringing things.  I may ask for a bottle of wine, or an easy app like cheese and crackers, but I like to give off the impression that I’ve got things under control.  And in truth, I do.  It doesn’t stress me out to prep for parties; I like the process.

But there was something freeing about this.  Something that made me feel like maybe, just maybe we could have people over every week if it was this easy.  I mean, I think eventually we’ll at least provide the table and chairs.  But maybe not much more.

Celebrate, Day 13 [breakfast burrito cups]

Ever since Ali brought Ella Claire Inspired’s breakfast burrito bites to Brunch in the Country, I’ve had them on my mind.  And made them for many an occasion.  They are just right at an early morning tailgate on a crisp fall day, or a staff breakfast when you need something to offset the carbs you’re inhaling.

breakfast burrito cups.

I set these up the night before, and bake them in the morning.  It’s super easy, and the best part is, you can do whatever you want in terms of toppings.  Pick your favorite omelet toppings, or use up whatever is left in the fridge.  These have spinach and tomatoes, with cheddar on top.


To make 12 egg cups, you will need:

  • 3 tortillas, cut in quarters
  • 8 eggs
  • 1/4 milk or cream
  • salt
  • pepper
  • toppings (there’s no set amount here)
  • 1/3 C shredded cheese of your choice, if that’s your thing (that is so my thing)

breakfast burrito bites.

The night before:

Spray the you-know-what out of your muffin tin with cooking spray.  Seriously.  I’ve tried to butter them generously, only to be kicking myself for hours at the sink trying to was gunked on egg out of individual muffin tins.  Not.  Fun.  In lieu of cooking spray, cut squares of parchment to line your muffin tins, as I did above.  Butter them for good measure if you, too, have spend hours at a sink trying to wash out gunked on egg.

Press a tortilla piece in the bottom of each well.  Add toppings.  Cover with foil and refrigerate.

In a medium bowl, whisk eggs, milk, salt, and pepper.  Cover and refrigerate.

The morning of:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Fill muffin tins about 2/3 full with egg mixture, and top with cheese.  Bake 20 minutes covered.  Uncover, and bake 5 more minutes.

Celebrate, Day 11

champagne and fried stuff.

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary just the way we wanted, at our favorite little, local restaurant.  It’s the kind of place where everybody knows your name; rare is the trip in which we don’t see someone we know.  This particular go round, we ran into some of our new neighbors, who happen to almost share our anniversary, and who were kind enough to send us glasses of champagne (which paired perfectly with our fried food).  We have been met with nothing but kindness and open arms by everyone in the ‘hood, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

Celebrate, Day 10 (or, On 5 Years)

wedding high five.

I remember being told “October is the new June” about 8,000 times throughout the planning process.

I remember finding the most gorgeous dress 3 days before the rehearsal and without one second thought, scrapping what I had planned to wear.

I remember giving out gifts during the rehearsal dinner and bursting into tears talking about how much I loved the people in our wedding party.  I love the people in our wedding party.

I remember Cari Faye running around and hugging my husband about a zillion times between that Friday and Saturday.

I remember standing up on the steps at the front of the church, trying desperately to listen to every word, but spending too much time thinking how much my feet hurt.

I remember looking out at an entire pew of my coworkers sitting together and getting choked up when I realized that where I work is special and not everyone loves each other that much.

I remember when the band introduced the bridal party, and my fellow Terps wanted to recreate the opening lineup introductions for a basketball game.

I remember dancing with Pops.  So glad we went with a fun song.

I remember being served immediately any time I came within 20 feet of the bar.  I remember thinking I should drink while wearing a long white dress more often.

I remember trying so hard to slow down and take it all in, right before being whisked off for something else.

I remember that Pops; and Wooden Nickels’ toasts made me both laugh and cry.

I remember being bummed that we got the flavor cake my husband picked for our slices, not the flavor I picked (Don’t worry, I ate the entire top layer over the course of a week about a year later.).

I remember a moment in the reception where I realized that the people we loved most in the world were all under one roof with us.


Celebrate, Day 9

Allison is asking 31 bloggers 35 questions in 31 days.  I am not one of the bloggers.  But I liked the questions.  Here are my answers:

 1.  A bit about yourself.  Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the suburbs of Philly and never thought I’d leave.  And now, over ten years later, I find myself entrenched in the suburbs of Maryland, renovating a house that looks practically identical to the one I grew up in.  I’m complicated.

2. Main subject of your blog?

Cooking, food, and the stories behind my life and what I make.

3. Was a design background something you were interested in when you were young?

My dream was to be an interior designer.  Sous Chef Lauren and I used to spend hours perfecting the designs in my Playmobil house.  Her work on “The Red Room” is legendary.

4. Fall or spring?

For the flowers, spring.

5. If you could have a different profession, would you?

If money were no object, I wouldn’t work another day.  Because we’re about to pay for a giant renovation, no, I like the job I have.

6. If so, what would that be?

I still think being an interior designer would be amazing.  If I worked with clients who shared my exact taste and style.

7. What style do you usually post about?

Ummm, something to do with piping icing?  I think this is n/a

8. What is a style that you are drawn to, but isn’t part of your normal material to talk about?

Hmmmm.  Again, n/a

9. East Coast or West Coast?

East coast girls are hip.

10. Main go-to colors?

Navy and grey and pink and white.

11. Color combo’s you have been dying to try?

Blue with yellow.  Maybe.  I don’t know if I can betray navy and grey and pink and white.

12. Antiques or new pieces of furniture and decor?

Antiques, given the time and energy to shop for them.

13. Avid DIY’er or would you rather buy it finished?

I would love to be a DIY’er and I am so not.

14. Favorite Music to work to?

It changes with the season.  Fall is for Pearl Jam.

15. Early Bird or Night Owl?

Either, so long as I’ve had plenty of sleep.

16. Eat in or Go Out?

Eat in!  Invite friends!

17.  Coke or Pepsi?

No soda for me.

18. Carpet or Hard Flooring?

Hardwoods downstairs, carpet in bedrooms.

19. Country you want to visit?

Norway.  Again.

20.  What do you do to unwind?

Watch mindless TV, which is a terrible idea.  Scan Instagram, which isn’t much better.  Go to barre when I’m doing it right.

21. Who is your Design Icon?

Sarah Richardson.  Whyyyyyyy aren’t your shows on in America anymore?  And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include my main girls Carolina Herrera and Ina Garten here too.  For different design purposes.

22. Outside or Inside?

Inside.  Or at the beach.

23. Piece of work that still makes you proud till this day?

I don’t know that I’ve ever produced a “piece of work.”

24. What is the movie that you can watch over and over and it never gets old?

The Wizard of Oz.  Gone with the Wind.  And if you’d like to round out 1939, Ninotchka.  But also Bringing Up Baby.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Meet Me in St. Louis.  A League of Their Own.

25. Favorite Social Media Platform?

Instagram forever.

26. What movie character do you think you identity the most with?


27. Cupcakes or Cake?


28. Best gift you have ever received?

My engagement ring.

29. Best gift you have ever given?

I don’t know.  I thought long and hard about this and I came up short.  Gift giving stresses me out, so maybe that’s why.

30. Would you rather talk to or text someone?

Talk on the phone or text?  Text.  Talk in person or text?  Talk in person.

31. Coffee or Tea?

Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato, please.

32. One thing you cannot live without?

Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato, please.

33. Favorite type of flower?

Peonies!  And hydrangeas.  And ranunculus.

34. Best thing about this year?

Our new house.

35. What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming months?

Decorating our new house.