Fishs Eddy

I have a confession to make:  I have a little thing for glassware.  From everyday glasses to barware and stemware, I maintain that no matter how small a kitchen, you can never have too much.  When I’m at the mall, I stroll through the usual haunts—the Williams Sonomas, the Pottery Barns, the Crate and Barrels—and drool over the available options.  These stores keep a pretty standard cast of characters, and you can rest assured that if you break a glass three years from now, you’ll still be able to order a replacement.

And while having classic pieces is certainly important, sometimes a girl needs some excitement in her cabinets!  And that’s why you must meet Fishs Eddy.


Fishs Eddy has so many lines to choose from, their signature pattern being the 212 skyline.


What’s that you say?  You have no connection to New York, and could care less about that pattern?    Just keep scrolling…

Remember that excitement that bubbled inside you every year when you got to buy new school supplies?  Now you can get that giddy feeling each day when you drink your morning milk out of this:


You’ll need plenty of these nautical glasses for entertaining by the sea.  Fill them with Ina’s Campari cocktails, and you can almost feel the ocean breeze.


And who says glassware is only for drinks?  Eating popcorn out of the bag makes your hands greasy, and you’ll never get rid of the smell.  Next time you host a movie night, put your popcorn in these for a much more elegant presentation.



(all photos from Fishs Eddy’s website)

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