Pink Shorts Smoothies

I had a couple of recipes ready and waiting for posting, but this morning over breakfast with my good friends Regis and Kelly, I noticed a little something…

Please ignore the drooping plant.

Please ignore the drooping plant.

My smoothie matched my shorts.  So I pulled out the ol’ camera and voila, today’s post is here!

Do you ever give any thought to breakfast?  Do you even eat breakfast?  I have a lot of friends who don’t.  Breakfast is often overlooked and underrated.  My favorite (by a mile) meal to eat out is Sunday brunch.  I have a hard time finding good places to go for dinner, because I can make a lot of what is offered for a lot less (money and butter).  But anyone who is going to wake up early and take the time to cook a nice breakfast for me can have my credit card.  French toast, potatoes, and yes, thank you, I would like a mimosa.

I do understand where you non-breakfast-eaters are coming from, though.  Sunday is only one day a week, what are you going to do on those hurried weekday mornings?  In the summer, there is only one answer.  The smoothie.

Shorts Smoothie

Oh sure, you could make them in the winter, but the fruit will never be as good as the fruit you find between Memorial and Labor Day.

I’ve been making smoothies in the summer since middle school.  In fact, this is a perfect, fun, healthy recipe to make with your kids.  Okay, okay, enough talk.  Let’s get down to business.

The cast of characters....I'm channeling some Pioneer Woman today.

The cast of characters….I’m channeling some Pioneer Woman today.

The best part about the smoothie is there is no precise measuring needed.  Here’s what I used:

  • ½ of the container of raspberries
  • 1 banana, broken into four pieces
  • about ½ C of plain of vanilla yogurt
  • about ½ C of orange juice

Dump everything in the blender.

Blend until smooth.

Pour into a glass.


This smoothie will not be like the ones you buy from the stands at the gym or in the mall.  It will not be as sweet, because the fruit is fresh, and not sitting in syrup.  It will leave gunks along the glass as you drink it because you haven’t added any ice to water it down.  But it will taste like fresh fruit.  And I promise you, it will be delicious.  Cheers!

A couple (okay, a lot) of smoothie tips:

There are so few ingredients in a smoothie that what you use makes a big difference, though my morning smoothie is not the best example of that.

If you have oranges on hand, use fresh-squeezed orange juice.

The less your fruit has to travel before it reaches your blender, the fresher it will be.  Choose local fruits for your smoothies as much as you can.

The plain vs. vanilla yogurt battle depends on your sweet tooth, and how much sugar you like to eat in a day.

The full-fat vs. low-fat vs. non-fat yogurt battle is one you will have to experiment with as well.

Too thick?  Add more OJ or skip the yogurt.

Try different flavor combinations until you find something you like.  Replace the raspberries with strawberries, or try blueberry-peach.  I always add a banana because I like the way it cuts through the acid of the fruit and the tang of the yogurt.

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