Tomato Season is Here

Wanna see what I made for dinner using these?  Please say yes.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Truth be told there were a few more ingredients that went into this meal.  But they were equally simple and beautiful and they made the most delicious summer dinner.  Seriously.  Go.  Make.  This.  Now.

It all started with Giada’s recipe for this Heirloom Tomato and Basil Tart on her “Spring Fling” episode.  I started drooling immediately.  Roll up your sleeves, and let’s get started.

As with so much of what I make in the summer, this recipe has no precise amounts.  So sorry.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 1 pie crust (mine came from a carton with a little white man on it)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • between ½ and 1 C of pesto, depending on how much you enjoy it
  • 2 shallots, chopped
  • 2 heirloom tomatoes (please use heirlooms, it will be worth it, I promise)
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Kosher salt

I started with the pie crust.  Yes, it was a refrigerated one, because no, I have not yet mastered making a perfect flaky crust.  And I’m not going to on a hot summer night.  Yes, I am a little ashamed.

Roll out the crust.  I liked the idea of a rectangle.  But by all means, go for a circle.  Roll out a star if you’re so inclined.  I bet little eaters would like that.  Brush it with olive oil and sprinkle it with some Kosher salt.

To make sure the crust was nice and crispy, I baked it at 400 for about 12 minutes.  Leave the oven on, because you’re going to pop this back in when all your hard work is done.

While your crust is baking, dice up your shallots, and slice your tomatoes, about ¼ inch thick.

Once the crust is toasty, it’s all about layering.   Coat the crust with a layer of pesto.  Not too much, because you want the tomatoes to run the show.

Pesto Layer

Sprinkle your shallots over that, and then your tomato slices on top of them.  Drizzle a little more olive oil on top of everything and sprinkle a little more salt here.  Then, take just a moment to admire all the colors in this dish.

Tomato Layer

Put the tart back in the oven for about 8 minutes.  You want the shallots and tomatoes to cook just a little.

Just before you serve this up, sprinkle it with some parmesan cheese.  Cut it into pieces and enjoy.

*This could oh-so-easily be cut up and served as an appetizer….yum!

Heirloom Tomato Tart

As you eat, think about all the other wonderful summer produce you could use to make a tart.

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