Mr. Latte

You’ll rarely find me sans book in the summer.  I just finished Cooking for Mr. Latte, by Amanda Hesser.  It may humble Ms. Hesser, a true foodie, to learn that, so sorry, I knew nothing about her before I stumbled upon her “food lover’s courtship, with recipes.”  This is a lady who has an opinion or two about things.  She was the food editor for The New York Times Magazine.   In fact, her book is a compilation of her Food Diary columns for the publication.  She likes to name drop, and though you may know all about Craft, Babbo and Jeffrey Steingarten, you can choose to be impressed or not.

Mr. Latte

Snobbery aside, Amanda Hesser’s love of food is clear.  She writes honestly about the meals she eats with friends, family and future in-laws.  She frames her menus in unique ways, labeling them “recipes to hold onto” or “a dinner for when you need to be together.”

Here are a few more of my favorite snippets:

“What I eat is inextricably tied to where I eat, when I eat, why I eat and with whom I eat.”

“The first meal you cook for someone is intimate.  Not just if it’s for a date.  And not just because no one cooks anymore—it really has nothing to do with whether you are a good cook or not.  It’s an entry into the way you think, what you’ve seen and know, the way you treat others, how you perceive pleasure.”

“When you make a dish again and again, altering it to your liking, it becomes an expression of your aesthetic, of your palate, of who you are.”

If you love cooking, it’s worth a read.

Here’s a taste of the other food-related books on my summer reading list:

Cooking Books

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