I just returned from one of the best food weeks I have ever had.  I was visiting a friend in Savannah from Monday-Thursday and in New York from Friday to Sunday.

While planning a Savannah vacation, there was only one thing I had to do.  Eat at The Lady and Sons.  So we lined up at 9:30 am to put our name down for a reservation.  A couple of other tourists had the same idea.

The Lady and Sons

We swung back at lunchtime for our meal.  As soon as we sat down, we were greeted by a Johnnycake.  I found that by placing it atop one of my napkins, I would collect some grease, and feel less guilty about consuming said Johnnycake.


Paula’s buffet was standard and pretty much what I expected.  Until I ate the fried chicken.  I had no idea I liked fried chicken.  I love fried chicken.


And because I can’t be sure when I’ll eat here again, and it was included in the cost of my buffet lunch, I had to try the dessert.  Oreo cake with Oreo-cream cheese frosting.   I want to make a cupcake version of this.  It was perfection.

Oreo Cake

And would you believe that as soon as we walked in the Paula Deen store, her two sons arrived?  It doesn’t get better than that.

Jamie and Bobby

We celebrated eating a good, fatty meal by making cupcakes.


How good would this little guy look next to one of Ina’s coconut cupcakes?


On to the Big Apple.  I have no photographic evidence of a stop for lunch in New Jersey, but my aunt hosted a delicious luncheon showcasing Jersey’s famous corn and tomatoes.  They did not disappoint.  We had (my favorite) Ina’s corn salad, Caprese salad and a chicken salad that will likely make an appearance on aglassofmilk before the summer ends.

And then it was off to New York.  For more cupcakes, of course.  I could have walked all over the city, stopping in each bakery I passed.  But as it turns out, not everyone is as willing to try 8 million cupcakes as I am.  So Magnolia and Crumbs would have to do.  The verdict?  Magnolia’s cupcakes were dry and the frosting was wayyyy too sweet.  Crumbs’ cupcakes were delicious.  I’ll be sure to venture off the beaten path on my next trip.  Suggestions?

I just wanted to belt out Lazy Sunday...I'm sure it's been done.

I just wanted to belt out Lazy Sunday…I’m sure it’s been done.


And now I’m back home, but not without a stop at the farmer’s market.  It’s going to be a fruit and vegetable-filled week here for sure.

Healthy Food

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