Well folks, today it happened.  An epic fail here at aglassofmilk.

I am not a chef.

I have not been to cooking school.

I don’t like to try new techniques until someone on television has shown me what to do.  Hence my need to Tivo all of the Food Network’s programming.

But I do love to cook.

I love want to be the Barefoot Contessa.

And I often flag more recipes for sweets than entrees.

I can make brownies and cupcakes with the best of ‘em.  And yet today, while preparing Ina’s chocolate chunk cookies, I failed.

Cookie Dough

It began innocently enough.  I have dinner plans with friends tonight and tomorrow, and I don’t like to show up empty handed.  And because tonight’s plans involve young children, I held out on the key lime meltaways I have been wanting to try, and went with a classic cookie.

Now, I would have understood if I failed on my first foray into homemade pie crust, or a certain potato dough I’ve been afraid to try, but these are chocolate chip cookies.  These are Ina’s!  I’ve made these backwards, forwards and upside down.  Practically millions of them!  Perhaps that last statement is a slight exaggeration.

But they are a tried and true favorite of mine.  They are the best.  They have never let me down before.  And because I refuse to blame myself, I blame my crappy apartment oven.

Burnt Cookies

this poor glass of milk is just waiting for a cookie

this poor glass of milk is just waiting for a cookie

After burning the first 2 dozen, I had enough dough left over to make a dozen more.  Turning the oven down a notch or two and reducing the baking time by 3 minutes left me with enough to bring to tonight’s dinner.


When I’ve recovered enough to go back into the kitchen, I’ll let you know about those meltaways.

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