Ode to Rachael Ray

If you’ve clicked around on the blog, you know that my #1 favorite Food Network chef is Ina Garten.  I adore her approach to cooking and entertaining.  I feel similarly about Giada, as well as Nigella and Mario, who used to make much more regular appearances on the network.

I do not feel the same about Rachael Ray.  A lot of people have issues with her perkiness and terminology such as EVOO (which I find a useful abbreviation), stewp and yum-o.  That doesn’t really bother me.  What gets me is that her recipes just don’t turn out.

But while at the beach, I tried one of her kitchen techniques and it was glorious.  What did I try?

Bowl 1

The garbage bowl.

Bowl 2

While making 5 dishes to feed a crowd, I filled that puppy up 3 times.

Bowl 3

It’s a breeze to have a place right in front of you to toss those onion and garlic skins, the seeds of a jalepeno, the empty sprigs of thyme…

Bowl 4

You get the idea.

Try it, you’ll like it.

One thought on “Ode to Rachael Ray

  1. I’m glad you find anything to do with cooking to be “a breeze”! What I find to be a breeze is having my daughter, Miss “Glass of Milk” herself, cook for me at the beach! Though it seemed a genetic impossibility to produce a brilliant chef, I did it! But trust me, Glass of Milk comes by her talent honestly–from her dad’s mom–whose excellent southern cooking is an inspiration! Butter? Salt? Half & half? Of course! How else would mashed potatoes taste so good? : )

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