Orange Chicken

Next in our series on delicious frozen foods that will keep you well-fed when you don’t have time to think about cooking is Trader Ming’s Mandarin Orange Chicken.

Orange Chicken

Please click on this link and determine the location of the closest Trader Joe’s.  Run, do not walk, this location.

Trader Joe’s is such a happy place.  Oh ye who hate grocery shopping, just give TJ’s a try.  You will be amazed at their selection, and wowed by their prices.  They have the cheapest produce in town, the best pastries, and some pretty good sparkling pink lemonade too.

They also have Trader Ming’s Mandarin Orange Chicken, which will taste the same as your favorite Chinese takeout, and cost about 1/3 as much.

Orange Chicken part 2

Best of all, you can make it in 10 minutes.  Find me a delivery that’s that quick.

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