Happy Two Week-iversary! [orange pound cake]

One of the highlights of planning a wedding is the cake tasting.

We set off on our little adventure on a stressful day back in May.  My parents were hosting his parents for the weekend, and our mission was to find a site for the rehearsal dinner.  Our car ride up north had been, in a word, tense.  We pulled up the bakery and were greeted by 8 million parents on their cell phones picking up their little kids’ first communion cakes.  But as soon as nine flavors of cake were put in front of us, our worries began to disappear.

Long story short, we ended up with a 3 tier orange pound cake, and a marble service cake.  It was adorable, and preppy and I loved it.  But I didn’t eat it!

Wedding Cake

So for our week-iversary, I baked another one.

Oranges and ButtermilkMixer

And I did a little experimenting with some of the pans from our registry.

Metal vs. Glass

One loaf went in a glass pan, and one in a metal pan.  The verdict?  Calphalon metal pan all the way.  The glass pan edges were all crumbly, and the cake in the metal pan was much more moist.


Orange Flecks

Though the recipe calls for glaze, I added a frosting, because that’s what our wedding cake had.  Only I threw a pinch of orange zest in the frosting to echo the flavor of the cake.  And we celebrated, of course, with a glass of champagne.

AlexAnd Alex Guarnaschelli.

I’m still catching up on my Food Network.

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