Pesto Risotto

This is a recipe that has been in the works for about a month now.

It began with this restaurant:

While we were trekking around all these cute, New York neighborhoods in the name of cupcakes, we came across Risotteria.  You may remember we had a carefully planned route, which left us no time to stray.

Just a quick click of the camera, and we were off.

But a whole restaurant devoted to risotto?  Come on!

One of my friends had a chance to go back and take advantage of Ristteria.  She had pesto risotto.  Why has this dish not occurred to me sooner?

I absolutely adore risotto.  It’s such a comforting food, and it’s so easy to make.  There is nothing more relaxing than standing at the stove over a hot pot of risotto.

So the day after I clicked send and my three final papers were off in cyberspace, I stood over the stove and stirred a hot pot of risotto to unwind.

This is a recipe in progress, so I’m sorry to not have a real recipe to share with you.  I’m going to make it again with some adjustments.  I used a basic risotto recipe, but left out the white wine, because I wasn’t sure if the flavors in the wine would have been competition for the pesto.  Now I’m thinking the wine would have been okay. I stirred in a little pesto at the end.  It was store-bought, which is not my fave, so I’ll try it again with the real stuff.  And maybe some toasted pine nuts would bring a nice crunch?

I’d better get back in the kitchen!

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