2009: The Year of the Cupcake

I’m declaring 2009 the year of the cupcake, at least for me.  From hamburger cupcakes,

to Lilly bridal-shower cupcakes,

to homemade Sprinkles’ cupcakes,

to a trip around New York in search of the perfect cupcake,

it seems like there has been a pint-sized sweet to match each major milestone in my life this year.

After getting a much-needed haircut today, I decided to make a year-end visit to Georgetown Cupcake.  I picked up the chocolate peppermint and white chocolate peppermint cupcakes for lunch.

The result?  I liked the chocolate peppermint cupcake, but the vanilla peppermint icing.  Figures.

After a year of searching however, I still find the best cupcakes are the ones you make yourself.  Here’s to a buttercream-frosted 2010!

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