Towards the end of last summer, I got Tivo.  It changed my life.  I am a better person for it.  Gone are the days where I would stress about going out on Thursdays because I would miss the latest Office episode.  No longer do I worry about missing something that happened in a flash, I can just hit rewind.  And because Verizon messed up and gave us 3 free months of HBO as an “I’m sorry,” I even have 4 or 5 movies sitting on Tivo all ready for me to watch as I lounge away the rest of my time off from work.

I Tivo a LOT of television.  And I’ve been known to get stressed when Tivo gets backlogged.

So I try and only Tivo what I love.  This means about half of the Food Network’s regularly scheduled programming.  But I don’t Tivo Paula.  And now that I only watch Tivo-ed FN, I never see her.  So when I saw this recipe on the  website, I realized how much I miss her.  I haven’t “seen” Paula since this summer.

I miss the orange cheese.  I miss the decadent sweets.  I MISS THE BUTTER!  She is now on my season pass list.

Welcome back, Paula.

Recipes to follow, I’m sure.

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