January Challenge

The first of my cooking resolutions is complete!  Pretty successfully, too.

There was no particular reason for me to tackle meringues first, except that I happened to have the 3 egg whites, ¾ C sugar and ½ t of peppermint extract necessary for baking in my pantry already.

What I didn’t have was the pastry bag (I used a large Ziploc with a hole cut out of the corner) or the patience to paint 2 red food-coloring stripes down the side.  So mine are not nearly as attractive as Joy’s.  But she gives me something to aspire to.

I was nervous about making these high-maintenance little treats, so I got everything ready ahead of time.

Why hello, whisk attachment.  It’s been a while.

Joy heats her egg whites and sugar over a pot of simmering water for a minute or 2.  Though my go-to cooking reference doesn’t include this step, I figured dissolving the sugar might give me a smoother meringue.  Besides, I was in no position to deviate from the recipe.

I mustered up some patience, and beat the eggs to stiff peaks.

I stirred in the peppermint extract, and then I piped away.  Though the Ziploc method doesn’t give you particularly even cookies.  Perhaps I just need to develop a steadier hand.

Then I set my babies in a 175 oven, and left them alone for 1 hour and 50 minutes.

These meringues are light and airy and would make an elegant dessert sandwiched with a layer of chocolate ganache.  Maybe that will be next year’s resolution.

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