World Peace, and a Friday with Dorie [world peace cookies]

Even before Dorie arrived, I knew the first recipe I would make out of her weighty volume.

World Peace Cookies.

With a moniker like that, how could I start with anything else?  In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that I am not the world’s biggest cookie fan.  I mean, I know nothing beats a freshly-baked, chocolate chip cookie, but aside from that, I can take or leave them.  Store bought?  Not worth the calories.  Adding any form of fruit to a homemade cookie?  Waste of perfectly good flour, butter and sugar.  And after a day in even the tightest of air-tight containers, they dry up and lose the gooeyness that made them tasty in the first place.

But not these cookies, dear readers, not these cookies.

Dorie tells us that these cookies, originally titled Korova cookies, get their name from Dorie’s neighbor, Richard Gold.  Richard believed that if we all ate one everyday, there would be peace on earth.

Amen, Richard.

These cookies are salty and complex.  They don’t lose any of their texture or flavor over two days in a Ziploc bag.  Beyond two days, I can’t really tell you anything because ours didn’t make it any longer.  And if you will let me tell you one more thing about these cookies, then let me tell you this:  I bake a lot, and my rule is to give at least half of what I bake away to friends and co-workers.  And I was unwilling to part with any of these.

5 thoughts on “World Peace, and a Friday with Dorie [world peace cookies]

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