Peanut Butter and… [banana fluffernutter]

In life, I’m a leader, but in the kitchen, I’m definitely a follower.  I have 8 trillion recipes flagged online, torn out of magazines, or sticky-noted in a cookbook.  I’m not really a recipe maker-upper.  Rarely do I see a dish on a menu that I start thinking about recreating on my own.  Except for the flatbread at Founding Farmers.  Oh, and this one other dish…

Banana Fluffernutter

I wasn’t going to shell out $8 for this concoction when I could make a whole loaf of open-faced sandwiches for the same cost.  So I recreated this in the comfort of my own kitchen last evening.  This was the perfect post-elliptical snack, and reminded me of the versatility of peanut butter.  The flavor and texture complement pretty much anything you can name.

A piece of bread, a layer of peanut butter, a layer of marshmallow fluff, and a layer of bananas are all you need. Hello quick and easy Sunday brunch.

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