Superbowl, Snowpocalypse Style

Well, kids, we have a menu!  It was dreamed up and tweaked to perfection.  Then, 30 inches of snow fell on the ground, and plans were changed.  The meteorologists of D.C. have been affectionately referring this little dusting as the snowpocalypse.  On the phone with Sous Chef Lauren yesterday, she asked me if they understood that snow melted.  I’m not sure they do.  We told our friends to get here if they could get here safely.  And since over 200,000 have lost power in the DC area, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one person shows up.  But this is what we’re dealing with here:

The show must go on, right?  I was excited to cook all that food, and darn it, I’m going to do it.

Sort of.  The folks here have never had this much snow in a year, and thus, grocery store shelves were emptied.

Those are all ears of corn in the background.  You know, because corn is a February staple where we live.  That is what this store has been reduced to.  My husband asked if people thought it was 1820 in these parts.

Then he realized whatever produce we buy on Monday is sure to be fresh!

But I digress.  Here is what we will enjoy today, whether there be 3 or 23 of us here to enjoy it.

I was going to make Ree’s Pico de Gallo, as it is the husband’s fave thing in the world, but when people flock to the store in a blizzard, it turns out they are all there to purchase cilantro.  I went on Friday and it was gone.  From 2 stores!  Store-bought will have to do.

Instead, as a consolation prize, folks can eat The Pioneer Woman’s homemade Chex Party Mix.  I wanted to know what Chex Mix tasted like without all the nasty preservatives and partially hydrogenated whatever.  Turns out?  Just as good, and probably a little better for you in the end.  Snowpocalypse bonus?  As soon as I realized a lot of people wouldn’t be able to make it today, I started snacking on this stuff.

Barefoot Contessa’s Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing.  Scratch the homemade sauce for the wings, because I had to buy pre-seasoned wings at the store.  But the blue cheese dressing is in the fridge, ready to go, as are the carrots and celery because I shop early and often.

The Pioneer Woman’s Spicy Pork Shoulder.  This baby is going in the oven in just a couple of hours.  It will stay there all day until the neighbors come a’knocking to ask if they can have some.  Snowpocalypse bonus:  we should have plenty of leftovers for enchiladas later on!

And since this is a lot of heavy food, I figured I would make the one salad I love.  The Barefoot Contessa’s Arugula with Parmesan.

Ina’s Outrageous Brownies.  Because football and brownies are perfect together.  Though my decision to go with Ina got a little shaky when I saw my new Cook’s Illustrated on Thursday.  They have a recipe for from-scratch brownies with the texture of box-mix brownies.  And there is a special place in my heart for box-mix brownies.  But I’ve never made these and they will help me in my quest to emulate be The Barefoot Contessa.

People’s dessert plates will also be spiced up with some Chocolate White Chocolate Chunk Cookies and some Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies (recipe forthcoming).  Should I get bored during the Superbowl, you might see the appearance of a few cupcakes as well.

Go (insert team you are rooting for here)!

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