Speechless [spicy pulled pork]

Which doesn’t happen a lot in my life.  But oh my gosh, this pork did it to me.  I don’t know what to say or where to begin.

I like to think this pork is what’s in Ree’s hands.

Because I know it’s what’s in mine.

Thank you for allowing me to channel PW, if only for the quick press of a button.

This pork slow roasts in the oven for 6 or 7 hours until you go to turn it once more and it crumbles at your touch.  It stays so juicy and melts in your mouth.  And it’s a good thing we didn’t have that many people at our Super Bowl party last night.  Because we polished it off among the few of us who made it.

I followed Ree’s recipe to a T, and I’m glad I did.  This pork is deceptively easy to make.  You make the spice rub in the food processor, and then check in on the meat every now and again for a quick turn.  Truly low-maintenance.  Make this for your next Sunday dinner.

6 thoughts on “Speechless [spicy pulled pork]

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  4. In addition to missing out on Kasey and baby Raya, you’re missing out on this goodness!
    What are your thoughts on serving it on buns instead of tortillas?

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