Chocolate [outrageous brownies]

This week, TWD-ers posted Rick Katz’s brownies for Julia, and some of you might think me crazy for introducing you to another brownie.  But when it comes to brownies, I firmly believe you can never have too many recipes in your arsenal.  I have a favorite fudgy brownie recipe already, but with the rave reviews Dorie’s are getting, it might be time to try something new.

But not today.

These brownies are not fudgy.  To be honest, I prefer my brownies cakey.  If they’re not made well, and don’t have enough of a chocolate flavor, fudgy brownies taste like what I imagine eating a stick of butter would taste like.  Yuck!  Ina’s Outrageous Brownies have more of a cakey texture and have such a rich flavor.  I know she says it a lot, but she really does know how to make chocolate taste like chocolate.

I’m learning something as I bake up various chocolate recipes.  Most aren’t that good.  They’ll give you the texture you’re looking for, but not the flavor.  You have to go with a recipe from someone you trust, someone who will know how to unlock the chocolate flavor.  Dorie uses salt to bring it out, and most often, Ina uses coffee.

Mine took a little longer in the oven, but these were completely and totally worth the wait.  This is a typical Ina recipe in that the flavors are strong.  But if you’re looking for a bold brownie, you’ve found one here.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate [outrageous brownies]

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