Is that a word?  I think that’s what I took.  Hopefully my whirlwind of posts during the various blizzards of 09 and 10 will even the score.

I would love to make my grand re-entry to the blogging world with a killer cupcake, but unfortunately, I can’t.

I’ve wanted to try making my own red velvet cupcakes for quite some time.  I’ve only ever bought them before.

Did you know you can buy single bottles of red food coloring?  This recipe called for two of them.

The color of this cake is to die for.  The texture?  Not as much.  I didn’t have the buttermilk the recipe called for, so I substituted with milk and vinegar.  Perhaps my first problem?  The cupcakes were just too dry for my liking, but I won’t be put off.  I will find a good red-velvet, from-scratch recipe.

And in the meantime, I’ll just eat the leftover cream cheese frosting out of my fridge!

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