Challenged: March Edition [chicken stock]

I did it!

Oh, and it was such an exciting way to spend the day.

I swear to you, I must have gotten up to check on the stock and skim off foamy scum or fat about every 4 minutes.

But mostly I just watched in amazement as something that looked like a chicken caracass taking a nice hot bath in boiling water…

turned into this deep, golden-hued stock.

I strained it into the LeCreuset, and stuck it in the fridge once it had cooled.

Then, I proceeded to FREAK OUT (!) when it turned to chicken stock JELL-O overnight.  Google has assured me that this means I got the marrow out of the bones while they simmered away, and that it should still cook up just fine.  Which is absolutely necessary because I have big plans for this stuff on Tuesday night.

3 thoughts on “Challenged: March Edition [chicken stock]

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