Corn and Orange — The Muffin [corn and orange muffins]

Have you noticed something different around here?  Something missing?  I haven’t posted about sweets since I can’t remember when!  This has nothing to do with an attempt at consuming fewer calories and everything to do with an attempt at not breaking the bank every time I hit up the grocery store.  I tend to get a little carried away; I take things to extremes.  At one point in February I had five pounds of butter in the fridge, and I can’t think of anyone, save for Paula Deen, who would find that acceptable.

The problem is if the butter is there, I’m going to find a way to use it, and quickly.  Then I’ll just run out and purchase more.  I live a mere steps away from the supermarket.   You can see how this becomes problematic.

Things hit rock bottom last Saturday, when I realized that there was not a homemade cookie, brownie, cupcake or other such sweet in our apartment.  I had been so focused on meticulously planning our meals for the week, I had forgotten to keep my flour, butter and sugar in good supply.  Who wants to live in a space like that?  The situation had to be remedied, and quickly.

Now if you’re following along in your songbook, you know that I’ve made all but one of my winter must-makes.  And when better to finish up that list than on a day that positively feels like spring?

Enter corn and orange — the muffin.

Ready for Corn and Orange — the verdict?

I wasn’t a huge fan.  On the plus side, these muffins involve ingredients that I always keep on hand.  No trips to the grocery store necessary.  On the minus side, frozen corn is no substitute for fresh.  So perhaps I’ll revisit these in the summer months, when I hoard corn like every ear I can get my hands on might be my last (I just shuddered at the thought).

Back on the plus side, now that we’ve entered Daylight Savings Time, my food has lost the yellowish glow it’s had all the dark winter long.

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