Type A

I am a textbook, type-A personality.  I make lists and get a little high from crossing things off.  A little much?  Perhaps, but it keeps me off the streets.  Some of my favorite lists are ones that are already made for me.

Take, for example, AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies.  I would love to see them all.

And there’s another list I’m working on.  This one.  Each state must have something to offer, and even if I can’t pinpoint that one thing, I’m sure I can at least find a good meal.  Here are some highlights from my travels so far…

Fried chicken that convinced me I liked fried chicken in Georgia.  Thank you, Paula Deen.

Texas barbeque.  Sadly, this picture does not provide the view of the giant armadillo in front of the rival place next door.

Then there’s Carolina barbeque, which is entirely different, and quite possibly even better.

And I know you know all about the cupcakes in New York, but do you know about the pizza?

We’ll see if West Virginia can cook me up something worth blogging about this week.

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