Watch Yo’ Back, Ms. Garten

Since I’m not the outdoorsiest person I know (understatement of the year) I had to get creative in order to cross The Mountain State off of my “to-visit” list while keeping myself busy for a couple of days.

But fear not fellow indoorsy folks, because I’m pretty sure that’s why The Greenbrier exists.

And while there, I learned a lot:

1.  The hotel is also home to an underground bunker that was built to keep the members of the House and Senate safe and fed for up to 60 days in case of nuclear war.

2.  I still look as cute in my tennis gear as I did a couple years ago when I last had it on.  Wish my serve held up as well too.

3.  Had she been born a few years earlier, Ina Garten would have met her match in Mrs. Dorothy Draper.

Mrs. Draper is the force behind all the chintzy, floral, giant-bow-adorned decor at The Greenbrier.

*Image from

And she wrote a book on entertaining.  Which is quickly moving up the ranks (above these!) as my fave.

*Image from Amazon

A note from Mrs. Draper’s first chapter:
“Have you ever considered how much ridiculous pomposity surrounds the word ‘entertaining’?  And the idea which has been built up that you must do this and you must do that?  This is a book which (we hope) will explode those old ideas.”

The book was originally published in 1941.  Girlfriend was ahead of her time.

As I spend the near future with my nose planted in this book, look for hints and tips from Mrs. Draper, a woman who believes you can never have enough polka-dot dishes.  Amen.

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