It’s Not Delivery [orange chicken]

Perhaps the biggest adjustment to being married is the sheer volume of food we must keep on hand in order to keep my better half well-fed.  You may remember that we here at casa Glass of Milk have been trying to spend less at the grocery store.  I shop once a week now, and hope that our supply lasts us seven days.  We’re getting better, and hopefully not eating any less.

With class after work three days a week, Chinese used to be our go-to, lazy weeknight meal.  But ordering Chinese once every week or so, combined with Sunday brunches, trips to Starbucks, happy hours on Fridays and walks to Giffords and Dolcezza here and there adds up at an alarming rate.  Time to learn to make some of this stuff from scratch.

I’ve done pretty well in the Chinese department, tweaking these recipes to suit my tastes.  But my favorite (and terrible for me, I know) Chinese food has been just out of reach.  Orange chicken, how I love thee.

When I came upon this, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be tinkering with it in the kitchen.  But really, the Noshery’s orange chicken was just right the first time around.  No adjustments necessary.  Rather than re-hash the same recipe, I’ll let you in on some tips.

  • The recipe yielded about twice as much sauce as I needed.  Not a problem.  The leftover sauce is sitting happily in the freezer until I get another orange chicken craving.
  • I didn’t realize until I started cooking that I’m a little rusty in the kitchen.  If you are easily overwhelmed by a couple of pots on the stove at one time, make the sauce first, even a day in advance, and then prepare the chicken.
  • Each time you eat this dish, transfer a couple of dollars to your savings account and pat yourself on the back.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Delivery [orange chicken]

    • Thanks so much! Your sweet and sour chicken looks good, and I always have all those ingredients lying around. I’ll have to try it.

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