Surfacing [brisket]

Allow me to resurface, albeit briefly, to tell you about the new brisket in town.

Pioneer Woman’s Passover (but I don’t keep Kosher, so don’t do as I say) Brisket.

If you happen to have 6-8 (paper-writing filled) hours on your hands on a Sunday afternoon, this meal is perfect.  Make sure you get this guy in his marinade the day before, and then let him sit in the oven all day until he can’t take it anymore and he falls apart.  The combination of ketchup and onion soup mix ends up tasting almost like barbeque sauce by the time this is done.

And brisket sandwiches for lunch the next day get rave reviews from the husband, who is waving hello behind a glass of this (which was a little heavy on the strawberry, if you ask me).  Time to get my nose back to the grindstone.

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