Cupcakes and Tailgates [margarita cupcakes]

The NCAA lax tournament began today in College Park and we were there to cheer on the Terps.  Well, I was there to tailgate more than I was there to cheer.  But it was a good game and we won!

I swear, there were people there, they just sat on the other side.

More importantly, though, I made margarita cupcakes for our post-game festivities.

Normally, my online recipe file serves as a sort of recipe purgatory.  I have it organized by season (anything made with corn goes into the summer file, roasts go into winter, pumpkin recipes into fall, you get the idea), with a separate file for cupcakes.  Every weekend, as I get ready to go to the grocery store, I scroll through the file and look for inspiration.  It takes a lot to make it from my file to my plate.  These cupcakes, however, have been nagging at me since I flagged them.  I have thought about them and thought about them and thought about them until last night when I baked them and this morning when I frosted them.  Finally, I can silence the little voices in my head screaming at me to make these.   TMI?

The cupcakes were great, but the frosting was not quite right yet.  It’s made with a stick of butter and a package of cream cheese.  I think next time I’ll use two packages of cream cheese instead of the butter/cream cheese combo.  The only adjustment I did make to the frosting was to leave out the margarita mix and go with straight lime frosting.  Call me a purist.

These are minis, can you tell?

How bout now?

Now that I have the boxed-based recipe under my belt, I may have to try these.

3 thoughts on “Cupcakes and Tailgates [margarita cupcakes]

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