Salty and Sweet [compost cookies]

I always need something sweet after I eat something salty.  I always need something salty after I eat something sweet.  Does that happen to you?

This week, I met sweet and salty in the same bite.  Twice!

The first was with my salted caramel cupcake.  It was the one Georgetown Cupcake flavor I had been waiting to try forever.  And today at work, a dozen cupcakes showed up.  And I saw my chance.

It was salted, that’s for sure.  But I liked it.  A lot.

I still don’t know how I feel about my second sweet/salty experience.  After much blogado (oooh, new favorite word, blogadoo), I pulled out the mixer to make my own Momofuku compost cookies.

The idea of this cookie is much like that of a 7 Layer (Hello Dolly) bar; it uses up any and all baking ingredients you have on hand.  The original Momofuku cookie had a wealth of mix-ins.  I had three.  I was going to start simple, with pretzels and chocolate, a combination I already know I love.  But after reading the Amateur Gourmet’s reviews, I decided to be a daring baker and throw in some potato chips (I have a serious weakness for potato chips).

This is not your average cookie.  You can find the recipe on any of the blogs linked above.  Rather than reiterate, let me give you my thoughts:

  • Warning:  When you make this dough, it needs to sit in the fridge for an hour before baking.  I’m not one of those people who reads recipes closely in advance, and I was surprised to see that.  Luckily, I caught that caveat and started baking in plenty of time for the cookies to be ready after dinner.
  • When I first bit into this cookie, I wasn’t sure about it.  But I find myself packing one for lunch, and sneaking bites of it throughout the morning.  It’s so intriguing and I think the flavors have grown on me.
  • These cookies are absolutely enormous.  Bet you CAN eat just one.
  • Mixing your wet ingredients for 10 minutes is something I will try with regular chocolate chip cookies.  I’ll let you know.
  • My pretzels did not stay as crunchy as my potato chips.  But they had been around for a little while, and I wonder if they were stale to begin with.

The one thing I know I love is that you can make these cookies a million times and always use different ingredients.  Let me know what mix-ins you try and how they turn out.  Or if you’ve been to Momofuku’s Milk Bar to try the real thing.

6 thoughts on “Salty and Sweet [compost cookies]

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