Playlist 2.0

I’m going to interrupt what is quickly becoming a series of pizza posts with a word from the treadmill.

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into yesterday when I said I would go for a run after this match was over. It didn’t end (at least not yesterday), but it did get dark over there across the pond, and I finally had to get up and go.  (I loved seeing the finish today.  11 hours of John Isner?  I’ll take it.)

When I made my way down to the gym I found that the air conditioning wasn’t working.  And yesterday was HOT.  But, I put my big-girl face on and told myself it could have been worse, I could have played 118 games of tennis today.  However, a 90+ degree day meant that I needed to have something to rock out to while I chugged along.

My old playlist has gotten rather tired, and I’ve had to update it with some classics and new faves.  This one is not for the faint of heart.  These songs are best played as loud as possible.  Many are intended for teenage girls, and that might embarrass you.  It’s fine, I won’t blame you for it, but your run might not rock as much as mine.

Kelly, my life really would suck without you.  If this song doesn’t make you sing at the top of your lungs, I don’t know what will.  If nothing else, it will get you off to a good start.  Kelly just edged by Dave Matthews as my #1 most-played song on iTunes.  And that speaks volumes about the evolution of my musical taste.

The Ataris – The Boys of Summer – It’s summer, it’s a classic, period.

Evanescence – Call Me When You’re Sober – I used to get all worked up about girls who had albums full of man-hater songs.  But there’s no denying Amy Lee can sing, and her song serves its purpose during a run.

Pink – So What – See above, girls who have albums full of man-hater songs.

Lest you judge me on the previous two songs, let me give you one shred of hope that I do recognize good music when I hear it.  The Who’s Baba O’Riley is a great one once you’ve found your stride.

Look, having good taste in music is great, really it is, but there’s not always a place for it on the treadmill.  You need a song like Miley Cyrus’s See You Again if you’re going to up the speed toward the end of your workout (side note–you can substitute her “7 Things” if you are on a man-hating kick).

Kansas – Carry on Wayward Son – This is another good one once you’ve hit a stride.  And you can turn it up as loud as you want and not be embarrassed that you’re listening to tween music, which you really can’t say about much else on the list.

Yes, I’m sorry.  Lady Gaga.  You knew she was coming, right?  Due to a certain 12 year-old girl’s affinity for this song, it landed on my iPod.  Between her listening and my running it’s climbing up the most-played list, and makes the perfect end to my spankin’ new, if slightly humiliating, playlist.

Happy running.

2 thoughts on “Playlist 2.0

  1. Lady Gaga makes an appearance on my get pumped playlist too, tho most likely not a song you know… unless you own her album?

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