As the Dough Rises [no knead bread]

I gasp every single time I walk into my kitchen and dough has risen.  No joke.  I am simply too excited that I didn’t do something to mess up the bread-making process.

Not that it’s hard.

In keeping with the theme of making food that Jaden’s four-year-old son can make, I returned to the kitchen to make no-knead bread.  I’ll let her tell you what to do because it’s as simple as dump, stir (with a wooden spoon, not even a mixer!), cover, let rise, bake. Throw in step-by-step photos and a cute kid to boot, and I cannot begin to compete (especially now that she has plans for a community garden in the works).

Instead, I will vouch for this bread’s crumb, crust, color and taste.

Especially when spread with Nutella.

One thought on “As the Dough Rises [no knead bread]

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