Filled Cupcakes [triple lemon cupcakes]

Homemade by Holman’s triple lemon cupcakes were my first foray into the world of filled cupcakes.

They were a great success.  I followed the recipe, with the exception of making Ina’s lemon curd, because I already know it’s a winner.  I made a full batch, so I could fill the cupcakes until they practically oozed the rich, tart filling.

I made the lemon curd in advance because making cupcakes, curd and frosting in one day was a little much.  Taking that one step made a big difference, and putting these babies together was a breeze.

Added bonus?

Not only did I get 12 cupcakes out of the deal, I got 10 minis as well.  But no, I did not fill them.

These don’t have the pucker as most of the lemon recipes I make.  But when there’s lemon in three forms, the subtlety works.  They are super classy; perfect for brunches, bridal showers and more.

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