True Confessions of a Smitten Addict [barley, corn, and haricot vert salad]

I love Smitten Kitchen.  When it comes to food blogs, I firmly believe that there is one woman who will never let you down.  That woman is Deb.  Deb is fearless in the kitchen, has the patience of a saint (or she wouldn’t be making pastries like homemade pop tarts), produced a darn cute child, and more importantly, has never let me down in the kitchen.  Other bloggers and I have had our ups and downs, but not so with Deb.

You know what’s coming, right?

Have you ever read a novel?  Seen a movie?  Can you predict what happens before it happens?

Until now!  It almost feels blasphemous to even suggest that it was Deb whose recipe isn’t right.  It must be me–something I did.

I cooked  some barley, added produce from my favorite local farmstand, whisked together a fabulous vinaigrette and proceeded to ruin a perfectly wonderful salad by adding cups and cups of arugula.  Maybe I had a bad batch, but it was just too bitter for me.  I’m going to try this again with spinach or with mixed greens and see what happens.

And Deb?  I’m sorry!

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