Happy Birthday to Me

I have had a fabulous week of celebrating, and thought I’d take a minute to share one of my most favorite gifts, from loyal blog-reader, Wooden Nickels.  I posted this at 8:17 a.m. just for you!

The other day, Wooden Nickels and I went to the new Whole Foods in Friendship Heights.  It’s one of my new favorite places ever, and I now feel like I’m slumming it if I shop anywhere else.  We walked down the dairy aisle, and wouldn’t you know, Warren, the founder of Snowville Creamery was standing right there, offering free samples of milk!  It was a big moment for me.  I had my camera in my bag, but was too embarrassed to ask to take my picture with him.  We talked to him for a while about the business, the book I gave my dad for Christmas this year, and I ended up with this great sticker, which is now resting comfortably on my Nalgene bottle.

Ever since the Washington Post article, I’ve been a loyal Snowville Creamery customer.  I love their milk and taste a huge difference between it and its grocery store brand peers.  So I was super excited to see this package arrive.

It’s made of a milk carton!

First I saw this:

Well thank you, Snowville Creamery.

Next came this:

The front,

The back,

Sleeve 1,

Sleeve 2.

Thanks Wooden Nickels, it was perfect!

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