Ugh [nantucket reds]

Moving is a marathon kids, not a sprint.

*Picture courtesy of my new Shake It App.  LOVE!

What they don’t tell you about moving is that it also involves packing, bubble-wrapping, sorting, giving away, downsizing and cleaning.  Oh, and unpacking.

But it’s not like I’m a stress eater or anything.

The one perk I found is that you have to drink yourself out of your old place before moving into your new one.

Nantucket Reds!  They were a great send off for summer.  Perfectly bubbly and refreshing.  And they hit the spot after a marathon session under piles of cardboard and packing tape.   You will need:

  • champagne
  • cranberry juice
  • lime wedges or slices if you’re going for elegant

Fill a champagne flute with 2/3 champagne, 1/3 cranberry juice.  Squeeze in your lime juice and throw in the wedge for garnish.


3 thoughts on “Ugh [nantucket reds]

  1. Good to know you’re eating healthy! And I’m glad to see a new post at last! I sure was tired of looking at that pair of orange shoes. 🙂

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