Sometimes little things can be momentous.  Like today.  Despite the rain, humidity, and unseasonal heat today, I decided it was fall.  I mean, we’re almost through with October, it has to be hiding here somewhere.  Driving to work this morning I saw the leaves falling when today and I had a little moment.  Meg sums it up pretty well in her post.

This pictures isn’t from today, nor is it from our neighborhood.  It’s from this time last year, but it was the fall-iest picture I could find.

I wish I had some fall staples to share with you.  I’ve been tearing through this month’s Martha Stewart Living issue, putting some Thanksgiving recipes to the test.  Although Martha’s take on green bean casserole begins with the most mouth-watering mushroom cream sauce I’ve ever seen (um, hello definition of velvety),

it doesn’t come close to mine (and although I will never say a bad word about shallots, there’s something missing from your casserole if you don’t have French’s onions on top, no matter how homemade it is).

And alas, Martha’s stuffing does not begin to compare with Ree’s.

I have the mashed potatoes recipe flagged, but I bet I can tell you how the Martha vs. Grandma Glass of Milk battle will end.

Does anyone else always strike out with Martha recipes?

2 thoughts on “Momentous

  1. Don’t mess with Grandma’s mashed potatoes–I made them once with SKIM MILK and was met with empty and sad stares at the dinner table!

  2. some things just can’t be improved upon. I find this to be true with most things my mom makes. However, I do wish she had a cool name like “grandma glass of milk” does 😛

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