Whoa, remember back last December when I set all these food goals for myself and then did like, five of them?

***Side note, I never know how to handle the word “like” in print.  But I try and keep it real on this here blog and let’s face it, “like” is like, a totally huge part of my vocabulary.***

Five is almost half, so I probably shouldn’t dismay.  I could tell you I was saving the other seven for this year, but to be honest, I’m not.  They’re still tasks I’d love to tackle in the kitchen, but they were inspiring me last December, and they’re just not anymore.  I’m okay with it.

Funny, because as I sit and type this, there is homemade chicken stock simmering on the stove, and a loaf of bread I baked this morning sitting on my counter.  So while I left seven goals completely unattended, at least two have become a huge part of my cooking life.  Which goes right along with this year.  It was all about finding new routines.

Routines that no longer include grad school (though this photo is a complete and total lie, it’s from my undergrad ceremony.  I didn’t attend graduation #2),

which has given us the time to travel,

about which I could not be happier.  We’re also adjusting to the routines that come with being homeowners;

namely, how to keep things clean enough that company could come over anytime.  I had no idea this would impact how much I cooked and the kinds of foods I would turn to more often (hello, weeknight staples and IKEA meatballs).

But tonight, the kitchen table is clean again (except for my laptop and my Crate and Barrel catalog), which means partial order has been restored.  You already know about the bread of this morning and the chicken stock of right now, but do you know what happened in between?  I made a little something to take to our friends for New Year’s.

Whenever I’m making something to serve to others I always take time to think about the occasion, and try and match the food to it.  Casual get togethers with old friends call for Paula Deen-style home cookin’.  Ritzy New Year’s fetes call for something more decadent.  So let me introduce you to …


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles.

That’s right.  I’ll be saying hello to 2011 with these little guys.

They made the cut on two of my top blogs‘ top post lists.  Which, as far as I’m concerned, is a sign from heaven above that it’s time to get my own butt in the kitchen to make them.  I made Taylor and Lindsay’s because I had all the ingredients I needed already.

I prepared the cookie dough holding my nose loftily in the air, dismissing these treats as something that would turn out far too sweet for my palate.  I figured they would be a hit at the New Year’s party, and even better, they wouldn’t hit my waistline at all.


It’s funny to look back on my morning self haughtily rolling these balls of goodness and comfort and joy (oooh, Christmas carols are still on the brain) now that I’ve eaten a couple and we’re not going out for a couple more hours yet.  Thankfully, the recipe makes about 4 dozen, so there are plenty for my friends and still plenty for me.

And “make truffles” was on the list.  So I’ll finish off the year the way it all started.  Go me.



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