Pretty is all in the packaging.  I ordered some Stella & Dot from an old friend and it arrived the other day.  So excited to have some new sparkles to wear.

I love when opening the package is as fun as whatever is inside.

Seriously, I want this print on my bedding, or on a chair.

Or on my curtains.   Now that we finally have a space to call our own, and I have free reign when it comes to decorating, I’m learning that I’m all about classic patterns when it comes to design.  I had a concept in my head for our master bedroom.  Then I saw these curtains:

Hello lover.  I need to check these out in person to make sure they’re more yellow and less green, but as long as that’s the case, they will be installed as soon as we paint room number 2 (I have no idea when we will actually paint room number 2).

I’m looking at navy as my accent color.  It’s near and dear to my heart because 1) it’s my favorite neutral , 2) it’s the color I wear more than any other, and 3) it was one of my wedding colors.  I love it so much I put my bridesmaids in it.

Wait, is that what it looks like?

Oh yes, it’s my husband escorting my stunning best friends while I walk barefoot through the grass in my wedding dress.  That’s how we roll.  You’ve already met Sous Chef Lauren, but it didn’t feel right that you don’t know Cari Faye yet.  So now you do.  While my wedding was navy and green, this style me pretty wedding was navy and gold.  Perfection.

Inspiration continues…

with the Paraiso Dress from Anthropologie.  There has got to be an event in the summer to justify my buying this.

Until then, I’ll look for cute accent pillows that go with my concept.  Like these yellow-ruffled beauties from Casa Petersik, perhaps.

And in the meantime don’t worry.  This isn’t going to become a design blog any time soon.  I’m still cooking.  I made Compost Cookies again.  Going to Milk Bar is #1 on my list next time I’m in New York.  I need to try the real things.

Have a lovely weekend, dear readers.  Hope it’s sunshiney where you are.

3 thoughts on “Prints

  1. Buy the dress! I love navy! I love stripes! One thing I’ve discovered from my fast-paced job in the fashion industry (as one of my customers put it) is that everyone on the entire planet looks good in navy blue. It is the single most reliable color.

  2. I’ve never commented, but I feel it’s only appropriate since my face has made it’s debut on the blog! Seriously love that picture, and totally remember it happening 🙂

    Your home renovations inspire me to do some decorating of my own. Maybe after May??

  3. Love that you went with CF, great posting name.

    Also, buy the dress… if you’re like me you’ll quickly find 3-5 events to wear it to 🙂

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