Lawsie Mercy

I’ve done it again.

I made Ree’s chicken enchiladas.  This bears repeating because they are simply the best.  This go-round, I took the time to fry up the corn tortillas.

Which made them a million times easier to work with, albeit, a million times more calorie-filled.

Whatever.  I went running today.

Making enchiladas requires all the counter space you have, and a certain level of commitment.  There’s a lot of hands-on time, but everything flows nicely.  While the red sauce simmers for 30-40 minutes, you can set up your station–shred the cheese, chop the scallions, and fry the tortillas.  Then it’s all about assembly.  Tongs are your best friend here.

Dip the tortillas in sauce.

Dump some chicken and onions on that baby.

Throw in some scallions,

and cheese, and roll your little guys up.

Bake for 20 minutes, and gasp when this comes out of the oven.  I did.

They’re man-pleasin’ too.

One thought on “Lawsie Mercy

  1. In my next life, I will make recipes that require me to set up cooking stations! They sure look good, though!

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