Fresh Air

Spring air smells better.  There’s something about the mixture of gardenias, magnolias, and lilacs swirling around in the breeze.  Those flowers make up the only soaps and scents I use all year, but nothing compares to catching a whiff of the real things.

While snatching up some more kitchen inspiration from one of my favorite sources, I couldn’t get enough of the way these kitchens capitalize on outdoor space.  I will never be mistaken for a nature-lover, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good view.

Floor to ceiling French doors?  Are you kidding me?  What a great place to eat pancakes for brunch or sneak a midnight snack under the stars.

You know all about my love affair with New York, so flagging this kitchen as a favorite was a given.  It reminds me of Bobby Flay’s space on “Grill It,” and I’m sure it would be a great escape from the city that never sleeps.

Now this is open-concept space.   It’s pristine, so I assume no one under the age of 30 has ever set foot in this kitchen.  But how fun would it be for a kid to sidle up to the breakfast bar for a snack and jump right back in the pool?  And talk about the perfect space for entertaining.

For now, however, we’ll have to settle for our little balcony and our Weber grill.  It’s better than nothing.

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