Summer Jennie’s Summer List

Do you read Meg’s blog?  She’s this clever, crafty lady, who lives in a house that she swears is covered in laundry, but looks stunning to me.  Meg has 5 kids who get out of school long before any kids in these parts do.  And every summer, she makes a list of activities she intends to do with her family.  This year’s list looks better than ever.  It makes me want a chalkboard and cute handwriting.  Each year I think about what I would put on the list if I made one, until this year when I realized, if I make one?  What am I waiting for?  Without further ado, the summer list…

  • take a cooking class
  • get crafty
  • bbq 
  • go on a weekend getwaway
  • attend an outdoor concert
  • make ice cream
  • great falls
  • paint the house
  • go to a baseball game
  • watch a movie outside
  • date night once a week
  • go to the library
  • go wine tasting
  • run 100 miles
  • go to the movies alone
  • play tennis
  • make a gallery wall down the stairs
  • turn off the tv and computer one night a week
  • walk to the thrift store
  • follow food trucks all over the city
Wish me luck!
p.s. Truth be told, the bbq-ing has been going on for quite some time now, with no signs of stopping.

p.p.s.  Emily, of Cupcakes and Cashmere fame, got in on the summer list fun as well.

4 thoughts on “Summer Jennie’s Summer List

  1. Well, you should have time for all this since your husband is doing all the dinner grilling now! Where’s “Visit Wooden Nickels” on the list?

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