Summer Reading

Were you the kind of kid who did her summer reading right away, or did you put it off until the last minute?

I was the latter, if I finished started the book at all.  I loved reading in elementary school, but something happened when the stack of books I had to read piled up high, and the stack of books I wanted to read grew dusty on the back of my shelves.  I loved reading in elementary school, rarely read in middle and high school, and thankfully, grew to love reading again.

Which brings us to this summer.


We have a couple of trips on the calendar, and I have a growing list of books I’m dying to read.  Lately, I’ve been loving cookbook/memoirs by food writers.  You know, the ones that tell the story of a dish, with recipes at the end of each chapter?  I have no idea if there’s a name out there for them yet, but they seem to be everywhere.  They remind me of a food blog taken to the next level.  Here are my faves.

I stumbled across this one completely by accident, before I knew anything about Amanda Hesser, her work at NYT, and Food52.  And I loved it.  You can tell this is a woman who gets food, and who understands its importance in bringing people together.

This is the best book I’ve read recently, and my first real experience with David Lebovitz.  I have a copy of The Perfect Scoop, but if you check out my summer list, you’ll know why it remains untouched.  Reading all about how someone falls in love with a country through not only the quirks of its people, but also through its food was delicious.  Lebovitz’s writing is so natural, you just want to pull a chair up right next to him and make some gooey chocolate dessert together.

Now I’m in the middle of this one, by Bonny Wolf.  My husband and I were at Eastern Market on a random Sunday in May, only to find a local authors book fair going on.  Since I just missed getting a copy of The Good Stuff Cookbook signed, I started browsing and happened on this.  Bonny’s book reminds me of someone narrating an old family cookbook, one recipe at a time.

What’s on your reading list, dear readers?

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