Working on this here blog.  Look up, in the right hand corner.  See where it says “Meet the Cast”?  Click over there (or head to the site if you’re on Google Reader); it’s one of my new favorite things.

Spreading the love of bark to anyone who gets close enough to reach for a piece.

Adjusting to life in DC.  I still can’t call it home.

Getting better at packing for short trips, and learning that navy really is my signature color.

Eating outdoors as much as possible.

Finding fun summer snacks to enjoy.  These are churros from Taste of Chicago.

Working on my fear of heights.  And loving fun summer pedi colors.

Dying over these little Bolivian dancers.

Devouring Canal House Cooking, picture by picture, recipe, by simple, timeless recipe.

One thought on “Currently

  1. Great pix! No, D.C. is not home. It is not ANYONE’s home! People sneak in for a year or two or six, then leave. No one is from there. Snarkety-snark-snark. Love the dancers. Great job, Glass of Milk!

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