This week, I got my John and Sherry on, and tackled a Young House Love-inspired project.  We were lucky enough to buy a house that was not only a good deal, but also in decent shape.  We haven’t (knock wood) needed to do any major work on it since we moved in.  Instead, we’ve been chipping away at smaller tasks like painting and picture hanging, in order to claim these four walls as our own.

I still have a mile-long to-do list when it comes to home improvements.  One such item is to find something to hang above our sofa, and rid this wall of its large, empty, awkwardness forever.

Except here’s the thing with large, empty, awkward spaces.  They are typically filled with large pieces of art.  And large pieces of art often come with hefty price tags.  So this wall just stands here, as-is, and mocks me with its emptiness.  Amidst the mocking the other day, it hit me.

Patterned paper.

Between a recent trip to Paper Source, and my frequent check-ins on Young House Love, I drew up the perfect, albeit temporary, solution.

I walked to Paper Source and chose several pieces with neutral tones, and one with some color.  I took a quick trip to IKEA (that’s no oxymoron, I went first thing in the morning on a weekday and had the place to myself) the next morning to pick up three white frames, and then I spent the afternoon playing around.

First, I tried the frames with and without the mats.  The mats seemed to anchor the patterned paper, and make the look a little more upscale and a little less like all I was doing was putting paper between some wood and glass.

I chose the three designs I wanted, lined them up on the carpet to see how the whole thing looked,

had my husband put the hardware on the frames, and hung them on the wall.

Almost instantly, the awkward space above the sofa wasn’t so awkward anymore.  I love this project because the prints I chose are completely different from anything I’ve ever chosen before, and for now, I’m liking that.  Should my disposition change, it will cost me about $15 to switch things out (each paper is about $5).  And should we snag a fabulous find that belongs above the sofa, these will move into another space and get the job done there.

3 thoughts on “Touch-Ups

  1. i’ve had 4 of paper source’s maps framed since i moved into my current place. kudos for ingenuity and great minds thinking alike 🙂

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