Assembling a Summer

Cooking in the summer is the best.  It’s too easy.  If any part of my dinner requires heat, I try and get that part over with early in the morning, so when evening rolls around, all I have to do is assemble ingredients.

*Fancy Caprese salad with pesto and balsamic reduction

Either that, or I hand my husband the bag of charcoals and a lighter, and ask him, in my nicest voice, to crank up the grill.

*Bangers (from our favorite farmer’s market sausage guy) and mash (use your favorite mashed potato recipe).

Summer is too laid-back a time to get all worked up with complicated dishes and long hours in the kitchen.  Which gives me more time to attack my summer list.  In some areas, I’m knocking it out of the park.  In others, I leave a lot to be desired (see, run 100 miles).  Let’s see what’s going on, shall we?

  • take a cooking class – I still haven’t done this…what am I waiting for?
  • get crafty – I’m killing this one with the help of a little summer scrapbook from Elise.

  • bbq – Well, I haven’t done this so much as my husband has, at least two nights a week.  I provide the corn though, and often, several friends to share with.

  • go on a weekend getaway – When I dreamed this one up, I meant go somewhere cute and coastal, preferably on a whim.  Instead, our trip to Chicago, and an upcoming visit to the Big Apple may have to suffice.  Not ideal, but better than staying in our own zip code all summer.

  • attend an outdoor concert – Check!  Brother Bear and I went to see the National Symphony Orchestra play the soundtrack from video games at Wolf Trap, one of my favorite summer venues.  It was nerd central and the only part I knew was when they played the songs from Mario, but it was a blast.  Pardon the blurry photo.  It was dark.

  • make ice cream – Not yet.  David Lebovitz and I so have a date though.
  • great falls – Eek, forgot about this one.  Might happen later.
  • paint the house – Working on it.  The two bedrooms are finished and today we’re picking up semi-gloss for the trim upstairs.
  • go to a baseball game – Hopefully, this will happen later in summer.  If not, I will get out on the technicality that SCL and I watched the Phillies when they were in town on Memorial Day Weekend.  Memorial Day Weekend = start of summer = I’m counting it.

  • watch a movie outside – I don’t think this is in the cards for us this summer.  I’ll definitely save it for next year.
  • date night once a week – Does watching several episodes of Lost every night on the couch count?  Whoops!
  • go to the library – All the time.  I walk over at least once, if not three times a week.
  • go wine tasting – Not yet.  Insert complaint about the heat and humidity here.  It’s on the list with no less than two groups of friends, but we may have to wait for things to cool off a little.
  • run 100 miles – See above.  That’s so not happening.  I’ll try again in September/October/November and maybe I’ll even up my goal to 125 or 150.
  • go to the movies alone – Check.  This is one of my favorite things to do.  Truth be told, the picture is from Harry Potter, however, which I did attend with my husband.

  • play tennis – Nope.  Sorry SCL.
  • make a gallery wall down the stairs – This is a funny one.  It hasn’t happened, and I don’t suspect it will.  I took a mega-trip to IKEA one morning and stocked up on white picture frames.  I filled them with photos and prints, and proceeded to find other places I wanted to hang them.  So we have tons more pictures up around our place.  But they are not descending the stairs.

  • turn off the tv and computer one night a week – Pshhhhhhh.  It was cute that I thought I could do that.
  • walk to the thrift store – Check.  Not much to report; no great finds.  But check.
  • follow food trucks all over the city – Check (soon to be check plus).  My husband and I met up at the Big Cheese truck one day for lunch, and I have several more trucks in my future.

Do you have a summer list?  How is yours coming along?

3 thoughts on “Assembling a Summer

  1. Jennie! Bethesda has an outdoor movie festival starting soon (Like..tomorrow I think!) I would so go on a date with you 😉

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