On Being a Foodie. Or Not.

Dear readers, we’ve been together for over two years now.  In that time, I’ve done all kinds of crazy things in the kitchen.  Some have even called me a foodie.  That’s a word that gets thrown around a lot these days.  Like epic.  Or winning.  Foodie.

You know what?

I ain’t one.

The more I go through the endless cycle of flagging trillions of recipes and purging old ones I know I’ll never end up making, the more I realize that I’m an at-home cook.

Leave the fancy stuff to the pros, and give me a chocolate chip cookie any day.  Steak and potatoes too.

Sure, I’ve been known to infuse basil into my lemonade, make balsamic reductions for my caprese salad, and throw a touch of salt on my sweets, but those are more twists on the classics than steps towards foodie-ville.

Foodies have vast knowledge of their ingredients.  Foodies bake 5 variations of a recipe side by side (by side by side by side) and figure out exactly what makes it work.  Foodies create crazy photo shoots of their food, letting their dinner get cold in the name of a pretty post.  At least foodie bloggers do.

I don’t.  And don’t get me wrong.  I’m 100% okay with that.  And I also 100% respect the foodies.  They’re a fun breed.

Oh dear readers, what I’m trying to tell you is that I made a foodie cake.  And I didn’t love it.  This pains me, because it came from Dorie, the queen of baking and inventor of world peace cookies.  It was too fahn-cy for my tastes.  It wasn’t bad.  It just wasn’t crumb cake like I know and love.

Moral of the (roundabout) story?  Know thyself, and bake accordingly.

*A note – Maybe you’re a foodie, dear reader?  Give this a try.  It comes together easily, and the texture is spot on.  How can you not swear by anything Dorie?

4 thoughts on “On Being a Foodie. Or Not.

  1. I’m bummed that you didn’t like the cake! Everyone has different tastes though. I love cardamom, but I won’t go near Dorie’s chestnut recipes with a 10-foot pole!

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