Week in the Life, Wednesday

Last Wednesday was super low key, but I ended up taking as many pictures as I had on my busier days.

I also used that watermelon I cut into for lunch to make some Watermelonade.  Which I kept wanting to call waterlemonade.  See how they’re different but confusingly the same?  I can’t believe I haven’t made a single batch of lemonade yet this summer; it was long overdue.  This was my post-run, cool-down drink, but I wouldn’t be opposed to adding a splash of you-know-what if you used your watermelonade as a pre-dinner cocktail.

Blend 4 C watermelon in a blender.  This took some stopping and stirring on my part, and I have a good blender.  I did lots of pre-wedding blender research like a good desperate housewife.  Pour through a strainer and into a small container.  Pull together your favorite lemonade recipe (I wouldn’t judge if it came from the grocery store), and add 2 or 3 tablespoons of watermelon juice to each glass.  Serve over ice.


*No idea what you just came across on your favorite cooking blog?  Last week, inspired by Ali Edwards, I took my camera everywhere to document a week in my life.  Read more about the project here.



7 thoughts on “Week in the Life, Wednesday

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