On Becoming a Lifestyle Blogger

Well, on wanting to become one.  Lifestyle bloggers go about their daily lives making the rest of us jealous.  They paint their nails the best colors, find priceless pieces of art from local flea markets, and gallivant around cities like LA and New York, turning the heads of unsuspecting commoners everywhere.  Or at least, I imagine they do.

Sous Chef Lauren was in town recently, and we channeled our inner Emily and Jo as we tackled our day in DC as cutefully as we possibly could.

Our day started off at the farmers market, where we picked produce, sampled sausage, and took polaroids of all the fun we were having.

We came back home to finish our waffles, and promptly began working on another project.

You see, I had just made a batch of Annie’s lemon and vanilla bean white sugar cookies and I was waiting for the perfect time to experiment with royal icing.

I made crocodiles because Sous Chef Lauren used to work at Lacoste and strawberries because they have one of the same colors as crocodiles, and owls and butterflies because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt as out of place in the kitchen as I did making royal icing, so I enrolled both SCL and myself in the University of Cookie.

And things got relatively better.  We piped and flooded semi-successfully.

And I think we’re both done with royal icing for the rest of our lives.  It was a time consuming process, and though it was a lovely way to spend a day with one of my favorite people, I felt no major sense of accomplishment when we were through.  It sure did make for a good post, though.

4 thoughts on “On Becoming a Lifestyle Blogger

  1. Cute write-up. As fun as being a lifestyle blogger would be, I can’t imagine it being fun after long. I’m sure it feels like a chore eventually. Enjoy whatever lifestyle you have made for yourself instead. 🙂

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