A Touch of Homemade

Disaster struck my kitchen this morning, in the most embarrassing way.

I’m currently enrolled in a class that meets on Thursday evenings.  Having class after work requires a snack, and our instructor is kind enough to realize this.  Today was my day to share with everyone.  So last night, I diligently set about baking pumpkin cupcakes. I figured it would be the perfect nod to the beginning of fall.

These are the easiest cupcakes in the world (read: semi-homemade) and they came together quite nicely in no time.  With rather domed tops, too.  I was so proud of them for baking up like that.

I frosted them with *gasp* store bought icing, which served as a fantastic reminder that I hate store bought icing.

But that’s neither here nor there.  Because when I woke up this morning and peeked at my little fall treats, disaster struck…

Said store bought icing ran all down the cupcakes, and the little candy corn garnish that I thought such a nice touch started drooling all over the place too. I’m looking at you, Betty Crocker.

Seriously, who messes up box-mix cupcakes with store bought icing?  That’s a new low for me.  I’m going the “maybe they weren’t completely cool when I frosted them and put the lid on my cupcake carrier” excuse.  I tried salvaging these this morning by scraping off the old icing and starting over.  I got a whopping 3 cupcakes into that project before I realized it wasn’t worth it.  Store bought brownies for snack time it is!

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