Making a House a Home

On a recent trip to casa glass of milk, CV mentioned that she wants to see more about our house on the blog.  “I know that’s not really the focus, but I don’t care,” was what she told me.  Or something to that effect.

CV, consider it done.

While home decor is far from my area of expertise, I’m hoping that showing you what’s going on within our walls every now and again might keep me motivated to keep making improvements on this here house.  We’ve been in casa glass of milk for just over a year and we’re head over heels in love with our neighborhood.  I have my little library I can walk to, I have several (not too hilly) runs mapped out, and each weekend is anchored by a trip to the local farmers’ market.  It sounds so picturesque, doesn’t it?

So I should walk through the door each day and breathe a sigh of relief that I’m back in my cozy little abode.  Except I don’t.  Because my cozy little abode needs the following:

  • deep de-clutterization just about everywhere
  • refinished floors (or *gasp* new floors)
  • new windows
  • paint, paint, and more paint
  • new drapes in the living room
  • any drapes in our bedroom
  • did I mention it needs paint?
  • new bathroom mirrors
  • new bathroom everything when I spend too much time thinking about it
  • a new washer and dryer
  • and paint

That’s just the beginning of the list.  Those are only the major revamps.  Yikes.

Instead of worrying about all that, I try to focus on little details and touches that make what could look like an utter disaster, look a little more presentable.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you picture frames.

You probably already have a million.  It doesn’t matter what color or size.  I have a slew of white and black frames from craft stores, discount chain stores, and large Swedish furniture warehouses.


And though none of my walls look as framed as this one (yet), there’s plenty of art awaiting the walls of our house.  Here are my favorite places to gather frameables…

My own camera – Duh!  Don’t save yours for holidays and celebrations.  If you don’t have a point and shoot, buy an inexpensive one (if you have an iPhone4, you can just use that, the quality is really not bad) and take it with you wherever you go.  I rarely carry large handbags, but I my little Canon fits in the smallest of clutches.  You never know when dinner with friends is going to turn into a photo op.

Bonus – did you know you can upload your photos to and have them in your hands in an hour or two?  No excuses.

20×200 – Their motto is art for everyone, and I believe them.  There are so many different pieces to choose from, it would be hard to find someone who couldn’t pick at least one print to grace their walls.  The concept behind the motto is that great art can be affordable.  I have Jane Mount’s Ideal Bookshelf 102, which is now sold out, but Ideal Bookshelf 6 looks great for those who are kitchen-minded as well.

Inslee – I found Inslee’s blog a while ago and was pumped to see she also lived in DC.  I felt like we were connected in some way.  Like she could be my 8 million times more stylish friend.  Then she packed up and moved to NYC, and that feeling was replaced by envy.  A couple of Inslee’s glamorous girls are sprinkled throughout our house.

Calendars – Not the glossy, puppy-filled kind you get the day after new year’s at a book store for 50% off, but the kind that feature art.  We tear off a couple pages from the Maryland football posters calendar every year, and they get framed in our upstairs hallway.  There are usually at least three or four winners for every twelve months.

Cookbooks – While strolling through Eastern Market one Sunday morning, Sous Chef Lauren and I happened on our first official flea-market gem.  James Beard’s Fireside cookbook.  For a whopping $4.00, I brought home a piece of 1949.  The illustrations are to die for.  I’m not ready to hack at the book just yet, preferring to keep the recipes in tact should the mood strike.  However, if I score another copy, you can bet I’ll be hanging more frames soon.

Etsy – Another obvious choice, and one that has already seen my credit card many times.  I catalog my favorites when I can’t justifying buying too much, and love coming back to make sure they’re still there.  I’ve also been trying to decide which Claudia Varosio retro movie poster would look best up on the walls.  Gatsby?  Wizard of Oz?  To Kill a Mockingbird?  Maybe I need several.

Happy shopping dear readers.  I’ll check in every now and again in between recipes to bring you more updates from the front lines of casa glass of milk.

2 thoughts on “Making a House a Home

  1. When I saw just the top of the frame walk gallery, i’m pretty sure I freaked out… Then I saw the people.
    Thanks for th art ideas!

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