On Togetherness

Blogging is the strangest thing, isn’t it?  Because of it, there are dozens of people out in Internet-land with whom I feel close.  And I’ve never crossed paths with any of them.

Not a one.

Food blogs are especially unique in their ability to bring people together.  Because not only do I feel like I know the bloggers behind my favorite regular sites, I share their food with the people I love.  We eat the same things.

I’ve never met Deb.  But I sure like to eat like her.  And in that way, I feel connected not just to Deb, but to her stories, and her family.

There are stretches of time when I bookmark every single post the woman publishes.

In the midst of one such streak, I flagged flatbreads with honey, thyme and sea salt.

To make them, stir together flour and olive oil to create the most delicate dough.  Roll it till it’s so wispy, it’s almost paper-thin.  Grate Mahon cheese, so nutty and sharp, right over top, and bake till you have a crunch you can’t get from your favorite neon orange cracker.  That’s right I said it.  Step aside, Cheez-Its, there’s a new baked creation in my life.

These are a pinkies up kind of appetizer.  They’re elegant.  They’re special.  But they’re easy enough to load on the table at your next gathering.

I followed Deb’s recipe exactly and gobbled these up faster than I’d like to admit.

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